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Craft Promotion- Bhujodi Carpets

Gujarat a state in India is known for its abundance of crafts and their craftsmen with the products of local ingenuity. Bhujodi is the major textile centre about 8 km southeast of Bhuj, Gujarat.

The Craft Promotion project focuses on preserving Bhujodi's traditional crafts through a unique souvenir box. The box includes educational playing cards with the Bhujodi carpet motifs, providing interactive learning for tourists. The cards include a brief history and facts about Bhujodi's craft.

The Box also offer an idea of potpourri home fragrance that connects visitors with the craft through scents of dried flowers and spices used in dyeing carpets. This initiative aims to promote, protect, and support local artisans while creating a memorable experience for tourists. The Bhujodi Carpet Souvenir Box serves as a tangible reminder of the village's cultural heritage, ensuring the longevity of its traditional crafts.

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