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Digital Promotion for House of Masaba

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

All the Graphics, Creatives, and Posts for this Digital Promotion are based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Light of the Day” post is about spreading good news happening in the world and good quotations so that people remain positive mentally amidst Pandemic. Some of the news are regarding humanity which are still existing, good things people are doing for each other, cleaning of environment, etc.

Exploration on Typography Quote Post

“Thank You” post to thank each and everyone who is collectively protecting us in this pandemic situation. I have sketched some of the daily life warriors like nurse, doctor, sweeper, policeman, news reporter and flight attendent. The garments of all these figures are given a touch of Masaba prints and color. Masaba group expresses gratitude towards these brave soldiers in their respective fields and even those responsible citizens who choose to stay indoors

A healthy living post is created to showcase different good activities which can be incorporated in our daily life to stay fit physically and mentally. A girl wearing Masaba printed garment is shown meditating in the middle of the picture with many small sketches showing her daily routine activities done in a day. These sketches show washing hands with soap, doing exercise, intake of Vitamin C and yogurt and talking to loved ones and friends over phone. Extras like the moon depicts getting adequate sleep, the indoor plants depict growing herbs and food in a bowl encourages eating healthy diet. These habits strengthen immune system and it is a message to people to stay indoors and stay safe and healthy during pandemic.

A “Saturday Night In” post is created to depict the scenerio how people can enjoy being indoors doing different activities during lockdown due to widespread pandemic. I have sketched three circular windows in a building showing what the person inside their home is doing on a saturday night. In one window a person is shown listening to music, in second window a couple is shown dancing together to a romantic music and in another window a girl is shown dancing to her favorite music and enjoying it with a glass of red wine. Since during lockdown, many people miss going out and hanging with their friends and family, so this post is to encourage them to stay indoors and enjoy the weekend.

Custom Bingo game in social media platform is one of the best ways to engage customers. Marketers are able to build relationship with customers through this game within a few minutes. The longer the time in contact with customer, the more chances to influence their buying behavior. By sharing and tagging friends of friends not only helps in knowing the customer but also increases the brand value and customer base. For this story and game post design template, a simple black background, a contrasting white color fonts and Masaba icons have been used in the corner to balance the layout.


I have created Stop motion animation video on sending virtual kisses to loved ones.The technique used in animation is to bring static objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the object in increments while filming a frame per increment. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement. The main process involved is objects are placed, photographed, and then re-positioned. This process is repeated many times. I have cut out objects out of paper and drawn on them as per requirement. Then I have used video creating software to create the final video.

Online Shopping and Home Delivery Stop Motion

Contest marketing can be a powerful way to use social competition to drive brand awareness, promote products and services, do market research, and get new leads into the pipeline. Contests are a fresh and creative way to interact with audiences and stand out from the crowd. An Idea of making the best out of this time, Also with an extended lock down, A creative contest has been organized by the Brand itself named as #SlayAtHomeChallenge, which gives the chance to win a voucher worth ₹5,000 from the House of Masaba.

The rules of the challenge are kept simple

•Follow the page @houseofmasaba and @masabagupta

•Take a screenshot of your favorite look from our Spring/Summer collection from our website (link in bio)

•Add that screenshot to your story and tell , how would you style that piece in 1-2 lines

•Share your styling tip on your story and tag House of Masaba !

*All the prints, icons, logos and garments used are the company assets.

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