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Social Media Marketing- House of Masaba

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Constructing Digital Media Outline for Valentine's Day Campaign

Neon theme Art inspiration- Mercied by God | Michel Angelo painting I

Idealization- Handwritten love notes , A feel of nostalgic.and joy of writing.

Garment Promotion post for Valentine

GIF Valentine present ( Love Conversation) Post.

The 3 Grid Post shows the long distance relationship and their love conversation on Valentine’s Day. The partner ask for the gift to their lover on the conversation , The lover sends a picture of Masaba’s limited edition garment which was collaborated with Rhea Kapoor, which excites the partner.

GIF Cover Story for the Collection

Template Design

GIF -Letter to your lover Lost behind the bars of the WIFI network, we’ve forgotten the pure joy of writing and receiving handwritten love notes. The idea behind this creatives was to show a lover writing a handwritten letter and sending it to their loved ones.

Instagram Story Template

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