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The Aagor Story

In the culmination of my research-led practice during the Master's program at the LaSalle College of the Arts, I embarked on a profound exploration of Bodo indigenous textile heritage. This interdisciplinary endeavor aimed to bridge the realms of academia and practical application, delving into the rich cultural tapestry of the Bodo community.

My research seeks to unveil the intricate narratives woven into Bodo textiles, capturing the essence of their heritage, traditions, and craftsmanship. This project goes beyond academic inquiry, translating findings into tangible design interventions that honor and preserve the authenticity of Bodo indigenous textiles.

Utilizing Instagram as a dynamic platform, I am dedicated to spreading awareness and fostering a global dialogue around the significance of Bodo textiles. The visual and interactive nature of Instagram allows for a compelling storytelling journey, where each post becomes a thread in the larger narrative of cultural preservation.

Visit here for a deeper insight into this research-led practice, and join me in the digital exploration of a cultural heritage that transcends borders and stitches together a story of resilience and artistry."

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[Caption]- The word "Aagor" exemplifies the traditional craftsmanship and creativity of the Bodo people, reflecting their deep-rooted connection to art, culture, and indigenous design motifs.

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"The Bodo community in Assam, India, has a rich textile heritage that reflects their cultural identity and traditions. Textiles play a significant role in the social, economic and religious aspects of their life. The Bodo people are skilled weavers and have been practicing this art for generations."

[Caption] Although the Boros had a tradition of ballad singing in the past, this tradition is almost vanished. Only the fragments or snatches of a number of ballads have been preserved. There are specimens of mythical, historical, realistic ballads in Boro, which connect to the designs and motifs in the textile. Textiles play an active part in the spiritual life of the ingenious community. Color, pattern, and motif have the power to protect against disturbances and sickness. 
To know more, Stay Tuned to learn about all these elements in making a piece of cloth.

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This ' piece of cloth' as represented holds profound significance when viewed through a decolonized perspective.

The root of the term "Aronai" is "Arrnai," which means to embrace. This piece of cloth was once utilized as a talismanic emblem during the war, the loved ones would weave the entire thing in a single night and fasten it to the warrior's forehead as protection against all fatalities, dangers, and problems.

Today the colorful Aronai is a symbol of Bodo's way of showing love and hospitality to the world. Bodos traditionally felicitate their guest with Aronai. The arena is a muffler used by both men and women, especially during their performance in cultural or religious festivals.

Preserving native terms is crucial for inclusivity and respecting diverse heritage.


The nomenclature system of majorities often eliminates native terms and ideologies, erasing cultural diversity and marginalizing indigenous communities. Preserving native terms is crucial for inclusivity and respecting diverse heritage.

The Bagurumba or Sikhriri dance is a traditional dance of the Bodo tribe, also known as the butterfly dance. This vibrant and energetic dance form is deeply intertwined with the textile heritage of the Bodo community.
The dancers adorn themselves with colorful and embroidered garments, which are often made from handwoven fabrics. These fabrics showcase the skilled artistry and cultural motifs unique to the Bodo Tribe. The motifs used in the textiles often depict elements from nature, such as flowers, birds, butterflies, and other local symbols, reflecting the Bodo people's close bond with their natural surroundings.

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