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UI/UX - Communication Design

Updated: Oct 31

Project Description- 'TEXFILE' is a mobile-based website dedicated to the preservation and promotion of textile heritage and knowledge. This innovative platform leverages QR code scanning technology to empower users to explore, learn about, and contribute to the preservation of textile motifs.

Hypothesis- This research is part of my M. A Design project focuses on preserving and sustaining the traditional textile heritage of the Bodo tribe in Assam by exploring the decolonized perspective of Design. The study aims to create awareness among young adults aged between 20-30 to understand the Value of traditional textiles through interaction and engagement in the modern context.

Website -

Design Thinking with Buchanan's third and fourth order of design.

Encoding & Decoding Textile Language

In order to understand the interrelationship between tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

This pattern or design can be used in local commodities such as apparel, stationary, toys, etc.

Encoded patchwork Design

User Guidance- Video

Mood Board


#WearYourAagor #WearYourHeritage

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