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Packaging- PR BOX

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Objective: Create a packaging design for PR BOX's Festive Edition that captures the essence of heritage toys crafted by local artisans while maintaining a minimal yet festive vibe. The packaging serves as a canvas to showcase the story behind these unique gifts.

Target Audience: Influencers and social media personalities who will receive the PR BOX on festive occasions.

Key Message: Celebrate the artistry of local artisans and the festive spirit through carefully curated heritage toys.

Brand/Company: Zankla Studio

The brand image conveys a message of inclusivity, respect for cultural heritage, and the power of toys to transcend generations and bring people closer to their roots. It speaks to the value of preserving traditions while celebrating the spirit of exploration and discovery that children naturally possess.

Illustration depicts the celebration of local artisans, weaving the soft toys with their skillful knowledges.

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