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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

2D illustrated Digital Model For the brand 'HOUSE OF MASABA"

Digital Portrait of Masaba Gupta

Since COVID-19 pandemic is widespread, so the planned outdoor photoshoot of models wearing Masaba designed garments could not be executed. In order to make the plan work, Masaba has moved towards digitization and have utilized the social media platforms like Instagram, facebook etc. to showcase its designer garments. I have been assigned this task of 2D illustration digital model. The original plan included models with various body sizes- skinny, normal and plus size and with different skin tone- dark, fair and pale yellow. I have sketched two semi-realistic model-one with pale yellow complexion and plus size body and another model with dark complexion and normal body size. As always, Masaba believes in body positivity and wants to spread its message that all body size and skin complexion are beautiful. While sketching the 2D models, I have replicated the model poses from Masaba photoshoot done earlier which helped as a reference. The illustrations are done in such a way that the model poses are aligned with the shape of the garments given. The background is filled with muted color which gives an aesthetic look and feel. The muted simple background also accentuates and highlights the features of the model and the prints and design of the garments.

This garment from Masaba is “Brown Many Faces High Low Jacket”. Tropical theme is represented in my art. A pale yellow skinned 2D model is drawn as an Indian women with long braided hair since Masaba’s target group is Indian women. She is shown wearing garment of XXL size/custom tailored. Here Masaba has shown that their garments can suit body of any size and their garment can help their plus size customers look beautiful in it. Background is kept light and muted so that the garment color, design and prints are accentuated. A small indoor plant is also shown for minimalist outlook.

Since wearing a mask has become a necessity during pandemic, I have explored mask in the form of a style statement. The same garment cloth is shown as a mask so that it complements the look. As a philanthropic initiative, I have given the idea to Masaba group that the profit made out of stitching and tailoring the mask could be provided to the workers. Also the mask could be made out of waste unused cloth pieces which are usually thrown away while making garments. This idea of mine was appreciated and implemented by the company immediately.

GIF showing transition of Masaba logo to Maskaba. This is to highlight the importance of wearing a mask during COVID-19 pandemic. A mask helps in preventing the spread of this deadly disease. Masaba has started the production of non-surgical masks for donation at a production facility keeping all hygiene & safety standards in mind. These masks are washable & reusable. The Masks are being made from fabric that was meant for garments, at one of our production vendors. Hence, I have colored the alphabet “k” with Masaba print and incorporated the logo design in the given thought process. This GIF is a way of communication to the customers encouraging them to wear masks and it reelects Masaba as a good and responsible brand. It helps in creating a positive brand image for Masaba in the minds of the people.

Corona Mask Layout Teaser Post

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